Book Review – Maggot Moon by Sally Gardner

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First Published in Great Britain by Hot Key Books – 2012

Maggot Moon
 Amazon UK link here

This is a story for young pre-teen boys in the main, although some girls will also like it.
This is a science fiction book for kids, it is fun, fast paced and enjoyable.
The main character’s, best friends Hector and Standish live in zone Seven, they are kept here by the motherland so they can be kept under surveillance by others like them.
When their football goes over a wall into a restricted area they decide to retrieve it despite the risks. This leads to a secret, threatening levels of change and the need to make an ultimate stand.

A thought provoking read of could happen in a dystopian society.
Can friendship and trust help the boys to win through?
An excellent book for this age group which I really enjoyed as well.



The Importance of the Pasta on the Left

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I great insight into the importance of small things to children and adults with Asperger’s Syndrome or anywhere on the autistic spectrum. If you know somebody like this you will ‘get it’ if you don’t you may not.

Originally posted on Musings of an Aspie:

I was in the cereal aisle in Target, waiting for The Scientist to decide on his cereal purchase, when I overheard this exchange between a mother and her preteen son:

Mother: “James, come and let’s pick out some cereal.”

James (appears from around the corner): “But I haven’t finished looking at all the pasta. I looked at the pasta on the right but I didn’t look at the pasta on the left.”

Mother: “We need to pick out your cereal.”

James (sounding panicked, voice rapidly rising into hysteria): “But I need to look at all the pasta! I haven’t looked at the pasta on the left. I need–“

Mother: “Okay, you can finish looking at the pasta if you promise to come right back here when you’re done and pick out your cereal.”

James: “I promise.” (dashes off around the corner then returns a minute later)

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Thomas Duder – Taboo 3 Misfits and Mayhem

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A blog post about one of my very close friends and editing clients. Here you will find details of his upcoming event.

Originally posted on Paulashene's Blog:

I am having a hard time tonight, missing my Google Chrome, trying to blog on my Paul and Paula’s Books  and WordPress on IE boop boop boops me to this alternate blog, I lost several years ago, but apparently, not so WordPress and the net: since this will go out to my other sites, for tonight, I shall be content.

Let me introduce you to Thomas Duder    THOMAS DUDER

Thomas Duder is a new member to The Booktrap, a site I am also on, as Paula Louise Shene – the best place to find my links

Thomas is a high gear author and is hosting – Best let him tell you:

Well, the Internuggetathon 2.0: Electric Boogaloo is a facebawks event that’s going to help support Project 5: The Search For More Funding, the fundraiser. But it’s also an omniparty – the 5th is the official publish and release date for Taboo…

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The next instalment from my friends amazing blog and her story.

Originally posted on gillswriting:

Messages, signs, the feeling there is an influence moving the pieces of my life, any or all of these things are how I feel right now. Circles form the imagery that floats around the addled compartments of my brain, a feeling of doors closing and doors opening. It is not a bad feeling, in fact the concept of aspects of life being overseen by some greater force is comforting, but I have never seen or felt these connections so strongly before.

images (10)

             January 2005 found Den and I in Cape Town on the return leg of an amazing trip around South Africa. It was in January of this year Den stepped out of character and made the purchase to beat all purchases in our long lives together and orchestrated my presence at a swanky diamond centre. The romantic tale of my headlong rush up an…

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Facebook event for Thomas Duder

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Thomas Duder is a close friend of mine and a great author I am also the editor of all his books.

 On the 5th September he is having a release party on facebook, available to all. You will have the chance to meet and talk with Thomas, get free swag, meet other authors and have the chance to win books and stuff donated by them. Why not come along and see what you are missing out on, These release party’s are FUN!

This is what Thomas has to say to us.

I’m throwin’ an event on the 5th to celebrate the release of my fourth novella in the “The Generalist” series!

With that stated, I need help. Share the following copypasta EVERYWHERE! Blogs, your facebook status, copypaste it to your friends in chat, websites, groups, pages, whateverhaveyou~!

Also, I have more in the comment section, but for now let’s go for this:

Yooooo! I know I’ve posted with ya before, but allow me to introduce myself, eh?

Thomas Duder, Author of the Things.

I usually throw events and online parties for all sorts of stuff related to my writing, and I’m hopin’ you could help me out by givin’ a shout-out to your followers or some such.

I’m not askin’ for a S4S here (unless you waaaanna!), but as a broke writer I have little avenues for marketing and such.

Here, the first book in the series is free! By all means, try it yourself and see if it’s worthy of your attention or not:


If you’d rather get it in some other format (even as an app for your smartphone or tablet~!), then find Taboo 0 here:


Last but not least, I got the Publishing Party that’ll be startin’ on the 5th of September. Feel free to stop on by, pimp it out, have yer followers pimp it out, whateverhaveyou~! Though of course we’re only in the pre-build hypin’ it up…

Anyway, whichever you wish, any help is greatly appreciated! Gotta catch the big break somehow, y’know?

~Thomas Duder, Author of the Things

A bathtub full of blood and a head empty of memories. While I’m pretty certain that’s not the normal way that I wake up on a daily basis, it’s certainly how THIS day starts! From there it’s a hop, skip, and a jump into more crap than I’m fairly…

The day I became legal and thought I might die

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Real life in Tanzania, we think our roads our bad!

Originally posted on gillswriting:

I have been struggling with the visa process here since I left Amani and joined Good Hope in May. Unfortunately my application has been dogged with errors; most due to poor advice and/or had been pinpointed by me as points for concern. It was further hindered by poor communication IE: nobody bothering to tell me what was needed and, of course, a dose of good old-fashioned fell through the cracks syndrome. The resulting delay means that technically, anyone studying my passport would think I am in the country illegally, which in turn means I cannot go through passport control to leave the country without raising the red flag and possible (dare I say probable) detainment. This has not been a pleasant feeling and has caused me some considerable stress and more than a few nightmare driven nights featuring small rooms and buckets.


Today I finally handed over the dosh and got…

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Spotlight on Thomas Duder by Brook Cottage Brooks

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Hello there my faithful followers, this post is short and sweet s I am just including the link.

My first ever editing client was spotlighted by another blog and I would like you to read it.

Please follow the link here.


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