MY WORLD – A crisis of conscience

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An excellent short story, take the message to heart.

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2:57am EAT Soweto, Moshi, Tanzania

The sheet snagged spitefully at her feet, having writhed snakelike around her ankles, trapping them. She cussed like a trooper into the darkness as she kicked and thrashed to release them from their confines and finally, triumphant, she swung her legs out onto the marble tiled floor. Her hand groped for the phone, her fingers maliciously finding the on button in the dark, the cussing continued and as the phone lit up it cast an eerie orb of light around her and the air was truly blue.

“Three o’ bloody clock. Can’t even make it to the 4am witching hour. Jeez.”  The orb of light diminished and the darkness laughed at her, triumphant.

Release us, help us, don’t abandon us like this.

The voices continued, clear and haunting, their identities as blatant as the tone of accusation.

“Jeez. 3am! I don’t do this! I always…

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Volunteer and help change lives

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Could you be a volunteer like Gill?

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Volunteers needed. Love of fun a must!

Volunteering is an awesome experience and the personal development rewards are life changing. Good Hope is driven by volunteers and we want to source more of you.

We need to spread the word and sow the seed of the idea in people’s minds. Please pass this link onto anyone that you know that may be interested. Or anyone that may know someone that could be interested. Gap year travel for the young and the not so young! Professionals seeking to enhance their CV with the valuable badge of honour volunteer work awards. Students, retired people,  teachers, office workers, anyone with a big heart and an interest in making a difference in individual kid’s lives.


Tanzania is a peaceful, stable and beautiful country, anyone with a love of travel should visit here at least once in their lives. Mount Kilimanjaro is…

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I live in the land of slowly slowly

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A great start for Gill in 2015, a year of hopes and dreams at Good Hope in Tanzania. Follow the story here every month.

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Wow I am truly immersed in the culture of Tanzania.

pole pole

It is January 12th before I approach my first blog post of 2015. Slowly slowly does it! Life here lives by the pole pole rule! However, in my defence it has been the craziest, busiest and most rewarding first twelve days of a new year that I can remember. I had jotted notes that form the base of this blog post and way at the top underneath 1st Blog 2015 are scribbled the words where do I begin? Where indeed.

I sat one on my terrace one evening smeared with repellent, defiant of the sunset mossies and biting things that so love my flesh, a cold beer by my side and my annual ritual laid out before me. The transposing of important dates from last years calendar to this years. As I smiled lovingly at the annual gift from a very…

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I live in the land of slowly slowly

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I live in the land of slowly slowly.

Happy Sad

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Another awesome post by Gill about her volunteer work in Tanzania, donations are needed to keep this work going though. The school needs books and pens and money to help pay the utility bills and the rent for gills house. If you can help in any way, even if it is just £1, every penny counts and adds up with other donations. Go to her blog direct at if her real life inspired stories have touched you at any time and you able to help. There is a donate button on there.

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Happy sad.

So many times of late, I find myself defining my mood and circumstance as “happy sad”,  I figure it must be eligible for the mighty Oxford English Dictionary as a recognised mood state. Bitter sweet, we all accept that one. I feel the same way about happy sad.

What prompts this melancholy tone on a fine sunny Sunday morning I hear you ask?

I think maybe little Agness can best explain. She listened in on my class during her break time and overheard me explain to the kids of Class A that I will be in Tanzania for Christmas day and that I was very happy but I have none of my family here. We were talking about their Christmas traditions and a typical Tanzanian Christmas day, which I might add is just like any other day but with added stress and demands for some of the kids.

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Christmas is coming …

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A Christmas appeal that most can afford.

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 No help is too small.

The price of a pack of Christmas cards, a box of mince pies, a bottle of Christmas cheer, whatever you can spare will go a very long way toward helping me help the kids of Good Hope.

Asante sana marafiki. Many thanks my friends,

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Castle Good Hope

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The fairy tale continues

Originally posted on gillswriting:

My life in a fairy tale continues.

We have met the kids that are protected in my everyday  fairy tale and we have spoken of the dragons that hunt them. There is a castle and real life knights, which I have referred to. So what of the Castle Good Hope?

It is ramshackle and basic, it may not have electricity  but it has walls that defy the hardiest dragon.


It is truly an enchanted place and is protected by the spell of love symbolised by its three talismans, two keys, a heart and a book. All of this is overseen by the majestic backdrop of Mount Kilimanjaro, which is the national symbol of Hope in Tanzania. The keys are the keys of life, The book represents education and the heart, well the heart is love within the community.

And the knights? Today, I thought you should meet one of the knights, one whose…

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