Author Interview with Kevin Ashman by Adele Symonds

As promised here is the first of my author interviews.

I wish to thank Kevin for his time and patience and his generosity in offering a signed copy of one his books as a prize in the giveaway.

Interview with Kevin Ashman

Q1.  What is the inspiration for your novels?


I can’t pinpoint any 1 inspiration source as inspiration is all around us. Roman came from a visit to a local Roman museum and I started wondering what it would be like for the young men at the time to go through their basic training. I assumed they would have gone through the same hopes and fears that I did when I was a young man so I thought I would write about it. A LOT of research later, I had the makings of a good story and ran with it.

The Dead Virgins came as an offshoot of that original research, and I actually dreamt the final twist (honestly)

Sometimes I just sit and watch the world go by, asking myself questions about the world in general. (EG – Train stations are a great source of material for characters)

Vampire was different. I just woke up one day and decided I wanted to try my hand in that genre, yet add a bit of credulity to the subject. I hope I have done that as the storyline, I hope, is actually believable.


Q2. How many novels are currently available?


I have 6 Novels out there at the moment and a compilation of both India Sommers stories.

The books are, Roman, Savage Eden, The Last Citadel, The Dead Virgins, The Treasures of Suleiman and Vampire. The compilation is called the India Sommers Mysteries.

I am aiming to maintain a pace of 4 books a year while I still have the enthusiasm. However, I also have a blog site where I store all my writing, including short stories, articles and samples of new work. There is even some poetry on there.

Your readers can also contact me direct from there using my personal e-mail address.


I also have a novella out there under a pen name. (And No, I wont tell you yet, as it is an experiment)

Q3. How would you describe the genre you write in?


I class most of my books as historical fiction. However, The India Sommers Mysteries are actually more of a historical Detective series though both rely on historical events to support the stories.

I do think the age of E books have enabled authors to drift across genres whereas in the past it was more usual to stay in one genre.

Vampire and The last Citadel probably fall better into the Horror category though again, historical references are a major part of the storylines.


Q4 . Have you got a work in progress at present?


Yes, there are several. Book three in The India Sommers Mysteries (The mummies of the Reich) is half done, as is Roman II. I also have a few others started but sitting quietly on my desktop waiting for their chance. I am very excited about the mummies of the Reich as I have (I hope) come up with a very good storyline.


Q5. Is there a character who you identify with more than any other?


Not really, though while writing the Dead Virgins, I fell in love with one of the Main Characters, Rubria. Rubria was a Vestal Virgin in Rome in the first century AD. She disappeared from the historical records around 64 AD and the dead virgins follows her story. Everyone who reads the Dead Virgins falls in love with her and I was recently lucky enough to visit the Vestal Temple in Rome where she lived all those years ago. I have to admit, I allowed myself a quiet moment to silently thank her for the way in which she has helped change my life. It was quite emotional.



Q6. Where are your books available in paperback?

They can all be purchased from Feed a Read, ( or of course, Amazon. (WWW. Obviously, around the world, you will need to use your local versions of Amazon, (.com etc)


Q7.  Do you have any advice for budding writers?

Don’t set yourself impossible targets. Make them achievable. I set myself a target of 1000 words a night, but you could set it less. Whatever it is, make sure you stick to it. It doesn’t have to be good at first, you just need to get ‘black on white’ The tidying up can come later. Allow your imagination to soar but make it believable. Also, write the sort of story you would like to read.


Q8. What books do you like to read?

Unfortunately, I don’t read hardly anything at the moment as I am too busy either in work or writing. The last books I read were the Conn Iggulden series about Genghis Khan. They were fantastic and kick started me into writing my first.


Q9. Which author has inspired you more than any other?

Conn Iggulden. I loved the way he used historical facts to support the storyline and that is exactly what I do.


Q10.  How long have you been writing?

2 years. The first two books took 12 months and I have written four over the last year.


Q11. Did you enjoy writing as a child or only since adulthood?

I loved writing stories in school and have always said that one day I will write a book. Unfortunately, life gets in the way and I never had the time or opportunity. Life is a little easier now so I have grasped this opportunity with both hands.


Q12. Which of your books do you think is your best work?

Personally, I think Dead Virgins. I think the storyline is unique and the back story is fascinating. I dare you not to fall in love with Rubria.


Q13. Which of your books is your best seller?

Roman is by far the best seller.


Q14. Which book are you offering for the giveaway and why?

I am happy to send any book requested, either E book or paperback. I will also sign it with a personal message. Always assuming, of course, the destination is easily achievable. Just pop onto my blog, read the samples and select which one you would prefer.

Again a big thank you to Kevin.


If you would like to enter the giveaway and be in with a chance of winning the Kevin Ashman book of your choice then here is what you need to do:

Leave a comment telling me which book you would like to win.


That’s it, easy huh!


I will use a number generator to ascertain the winning comment and will announce this on here at the end of the giveaway period.

The giveaway commences immediately and runs until 9pmEST on Sunday 30 June 2012.

Good luck


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2 Responses to “Author Interview with Kevin Ashman by Adele Symonds”

  1. Great interview and I’m impressed with the fact that you have written 4 books in a year!

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