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Raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, I completed careers in the United States Navy Submarine Force and the Transportation Security Administration. I live in Orlando Florida with wife and Editor in Chief Cynthia, daughter Jennifer, seven year old granddaughter Larrna and partner in crime Thumper, a Yorkshire terrier.

My extensive travels in the Navy took me throughout the US, Canada, Europe, the Caribbean, and the Middle East, providing accurate and vivid settings for all stories. Although Mars figures prominently in at least one installment of The Subspecies series, I haven’t been there yet. The trip is prominent on my “bucket” list.

Subspecies, Subspecies, Inc., Children of Subspecies, Tenth Legion and Lagrange Point are released, all from Muse It Hot Publishing. Sam and Jim along with their growing family refuse to go away. Daughter of Subspecies, about Cassie, Sam and Jim’s strong willed daughter is due out in December 2012.

Cynthia and I have co-written two books in another series. Top Dog and Love and Death in the Big Easy chronicle the story of a special shape shifter. Instead of transforming into a large fierce animal, he becomes an eight pound Yorkshire terrier. While not much good in a scrap, he can go places the big guys can’t and he’s irresistible to women.



This is Mikes most recent addition to his subspecies series.


A Daughter of Subspecies Breaks Away

From the time Cassie White realizes her life won’t fit the mold her parents have prepared for her, she decides to take her own path. As partners of the multi-national corporation, Subspecies Inc., Cassie’s Blurb for “Daughter of Subspecies”

lycan mother Sam and vampire father Jim offer a life of unlimited wealth and luxury, but Cassie chooses the freedom of a military career.

A Woman of War is Born

As a world class marksman, Cassie’s skill propels her rise to become the first in line for the most dangerous missions. Over time, she develops an intimate relationship with living on the edge, tempered only by healthy applications of liquor. The young adult Cassie becomes obsessed with cramming the three century average life expectancy of a subspecies into her much shorter human lifespan.

A Soldier Declines

While alcohol—and later narcotics—gradually undermine personal and family relationships, the country she’ swore to defend slowly falls apart. Only her sister Claire and her mentor General Shawcross remain steadfast. Each introduces her to rehabilitation, with varying success.

The Wounded Girl Hits Bottom and is Reborn

After The Dissolution, Cassie and her comrades discover they’ve simply traded one set of chains for another. When her brother Ed apparently embraces the new regime, her resolve to stay clean and sober suffers a final collapse. Fifteen years later, she’s a broken human derelict, estranged from friends and family, enslaved to her addictions. Then, a confluence of events, coupled with the appearance of a Double Blue Moon—a rare event of significance to lycans—provides a chance for recovery and redemption.

Can a second chance at life come once in a Blue Moon?


As an added treat Mike has provided an excerpt from his book to whet your appetites.

Rehab began with a quick, impersonally administered physical. A hundred patients lined up in alphabetical order to pass through an assembly line of measurements, probes, and prods. With the surname of White, she fell in near the rear of the procession.

“Please extend your arm.” The medical tech clearly indicated he wasn’t impressed by either her crisp dress gray uniform or silver rank insignia. Brusquely, he inserted a needle to draw blood.

“Are you feeding vampires in the back?” She tried to establish a bond with her tormentor, but he ignored her.

“Be still,” another grumbled as he examined her ears and nose.

At the end, a hyper-busy doctor flitted among a half dozen female patients, all of whom sat on examining tables, naked except for paper gowns. The last step was issuance of a prescription for disulfiram. The white pills made the taker sensitive to alcohol. A good-sized sip brought on a hangover and nausea. No matter the addiction, all patients received them.

After issuing nametags and bedding, a member of the staff led Cassie and six other women to their berthing area. They entered an open barracks with thirty-six pallets.

“You get what’s left,” the contracted staffer said, leaving the group huddled in the middle of the room.

One of Cassie’s companions approached the nearest empty bunk.

She froze at the sound of a nearby unpleasant voice. “That one’s reserved,” a paratrooper wearing olive cargo trousers and matching tank top snapped from the small common area where she lounged, taking up three chairs.

When the paratrooper stood and bore down on her, the girl, a doper caught up in a random drug screen, stammered but nothing intelligible came out. “We’re the last ones assigned to this barracks, and they’re the only bunks left,” Cassie pointed out. She spoke from behind an armload of bedding and knapsack full of personal gear. The stripes on the cuffs of her uniform jacket announced the rank of the disembodied voice.

The lean paratrooper paused in mid-stride. “What do we have here, an officer?”

By a bureaucratic paradox, CDF regulations required all rehab patients to wear uniforms and yet address one another by first name. Cassie glanced at the paratrooper’s nametag. “Yes, Pam, I am.”

The fierce Latina face, accompanied by an imposing physical presence, zeroed in on Cassie. “Well sistah, we left our rank at the front door. In here, I run things and you better get used to it.”

All her life, she’d faced similar situations, people who thought they could bully the diminutive redhead. With confidence, she set about addressing this one.

She’d been away from the rigors of mission grade conditioning for several months, but the moves and holds were burned into memory. Despite reverting to drinking on a daily basis, she worked out each day before lunch. “Action talks, bullshit walks…sistah.” Pam was in for a nasty surprise.

The tall athletic paratrooper chuckled. “An officer who wants to fight. What’s next?” she announced for the benefit of the room.

Cassie’s cool tone contrasted with the paratrooper’s bravado. Small fingers wiggling on an extended arm dared the larger woman to approach and Cassie’s face settled into the lethal serenity of facing danger. “C’mon Pam, we haven’t got all day.”

With a roar, a long-limbed blur of olive drab charged. Cassie sidestepped, planted feet for leverage, and flipped her opponent. The full circle mid-air rotation and hard landing knocked the wind out of the smart-mouthed Latina. Cassie fell on her and put an elbow to her throat. “Had enough?”

Cassie thought the frightened wide eyes said everything. She relaxed and let the other get up. Dusting off, she ordered the girl over whom the clash started to take the bunk, and froze at the collective gasp from behind. She spun to the sight of her recent adversary racing at her with a knife in hand.

How’d she get that past inspection? Cassie went into an automatic defensive stance, once again upending the angered woman. The blade flashed for an instant before clattering harmlessly across the concrete floor. Then the heel of Cassie’s upward sweeping hand thudded into a broad Mestiza nose. With a crunch of cartilage, Pam fell backward, howling in pain. She’d have two black eyes, but no permanent damage.

Cassie stood over her. “I warned you.” Remembering alphas usually travel with a supporting pack, Cassie spun around to face the rest of the room. “Anyone else want to try me?”

When the group leader inquired into the incident, everyone agreed Pam received her injury through a fall.


This book differs from the other five in that it is PG 13 vice erotic/X rated.

Buy Link:

Mike Arsuaga
Author of the “Subspecies”series, about the deep love between two special beings as they shepherd lycans and vampires (The Subspecies) to their destiny within Creation. Out now, episodes four and five, “The Tenth Legion”  and “Lagrange Point”. “Daughter of Subspecies” arrives in December. Coming soon “Love and Family in the Time of Decline”.
Check out the full synopsis and excerpts of all seven books at or



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