New Release – Bound by Lucy Pireel – Guest post, excerpt and author spotlight.



Cover bound bare back red small new


Format: Kindle edition

Pages: 39

Publisher: Amazon Media EU s.a.r.l.

Genre: Romantic Erotica


Today I would like to welcome to my blog Lucy Pireel, author of Bound which has been released today on ebook.

I have the cover and book information for you along with a sneak peek excerpt.

Lucy has also provided a guest post for us.  So a big welcome to Lucy from me, let us see what she has to say to us.

Book blurb

A young, successful woman finds herself attracted to a man who is known for his promiscuity. She has no idea he wishes to play with her the way she wants him to.
While working together, they become closer. When she dares to reveal her wishes, he only only asks her if she’s ready to say ‘please’. After she does, the games begin. But where will they end?



Later that night when they were sat around the dinner table, the men dawdled until Raphael said, “Gentlemen, I believe it is time for you to go. I suggest you go home if you can remember where you live. The slumber party is over.” He threw a glance at Amelia, who pursed her lips while his eyes devoured her and he added, “You, however …” he grinned as wicked as sin, “will be staying.”

I guess I will,” Amelia answered, trying hard not to purr.

The men rose and piled left-over cake onto two plates. Michael smirked.

Mind if we hang out upstairs instead and watch a movie?” Avner asked.

“Or in the studio?” Michael corrected. “I’ve got this idea and I won’t be able to work on it at home.”

Without waiting for Raphael to answer, they left the dining room with a stash of the assorted miniature cakes Amelia had ordered for dessert. Behind the kitchen door, the opening and closing of the fridge, clanking bottles, and then a dropped one sounded. “Holy mother of mine!” swore Avner. Shards slid across the tile floor after being kicked and then silence finally came after the other door slammed shut.

All the while, Raphael sat staring at Amelia. Then he reached into his chest pocket and placed a nipple clamp on the table. Without saying a word, he played with it while looking at her, waiting patiently.

She reached over the table, showing more of her cleavage while taking the bottle of water furthest away from her. “Can I get you anything, Raphael?” she asked.

I think so, yes.” He slid his chair back, away from the table. Sat there, he scrutinised Amelia. He kept silent and rolled the clamp between his fingers the way a magician works coins.

Amelia walked out of the room, went to the studio and took the ropes she’d got from his flight case earlier. Then she returned, sauntered towards him and dropped to her knees before his

chair. Looking up, she offered him the package and whispered, “Have I pleased you, sir?”

He examined the ropes–crimson and natural coloured hemp, prime quality and well cared for–and made an approving sound as he regarded the whipped endings before he put them on the floor. Then he placed his hand on her nape, wove his fingers through her hair and held it tight against her head. Heat burned in his eyes as he slowly tilted her head. He brought his face close to hers and breathed against her lips, “Maybe.” Then he let go of her hair and pushed her down on her heels. “We need to talk before we take this any further. But you know that as well as I do, don’t you?” He sat back again and said, “You may stand.”


Headshot Lucky


Author Bio

I’ve always been a story teller, but nowadays I like to see myself as a writer.

A little background for the ones among you who like to know things about the writer they read.

I’m an avid reader and writer. Love trying my hand at baking and cooking. If I need to unwind you can find me outside walking, or inside twisted into a pretzel while doing yoga, or I might be trying to bake a multi-layer cake. You’ve got to love those cakes!

My favourite genres are most definitely all of them. I hate it when people try to stick me in a box, so I do my best not to fit in any and yet I feel at home in all.

What do I write? Romance, Fairy Tales with a twist, horror, sci-fy, and fantasy. You see? I told you so, not just one genre for me, I like to write it all, except YA. For some reason I haven’t gotten much love for that, or dystopian.

That’s me in a nutshell, if you follow me on the book of faces (aka FB) or my blog, you’ll come to know me better over the course of time, no doubt.


Guest Post

How does a new story see the light? For me that could be anything, but often it’s something as simple as hearing someone say something trivial like, “Tell me more,” and off I go into the realm of my imagination.

Bound however started out as a fantasy story about witching sisters who worked their magic through writing. Their rivalry drove them apart but the bond in their blood drew them together again. It made them win the endgame. That story still exists, better still it’s published in Heaven’s Closed, but it prompted a story about two girls who are each other’s opposites.

Those girls however were adamant to be on the naughty side and wanted to be in an erotic story with a kink. I really had to do quite a bit of research before I could come up with the how and why/what on most of their sexual preferences. That in itself was an adventure. Hahaha, never knew what people could come up with in that department, some things people need to be happy can be very … Let’s say, not to everyone’s liking. But since not everybody has the same taste, and there is a market for stories as these, I had no qualms writing it. Although it had me scratching my head at times. Yet, the story in itself is a romance, a fairy tallish tale about a woman finding the man of her life.

Other times a new story pops up in my head because my imagination is in overdrive and I want to try something else. Like the story I’m working on at the moment. It started out as a joke between friends. My friend said something and I retorted, “You don’t want to go there or I’ll have you in a box.” He came back, “Hahaha, in fettle position?”

And off I was, writing a horror story about people being lured into a box where their inner most secret wishes come true, but in a way they might not always be happy about in hindsight.

And the very first traditional publication of mine ever was supposed to be the entry in a contest, but I extended it into a diptych and couldn’t enter the contest with that length. The people at Isotropic Fiction liked it very much. So much it made cover story. Of which I’m still very proud. That one was a sci-fi double. The same story from both points of view and yet two very different stories. Yes, very proud still. Not only because it was my first ever paid publication, but I still think it’s my best sci-fi work up till today.

Which brings me back to Bound, my first ever published piece of erotica. In which I not only wanted to have explicit sexual content, but a strong story too. Personally I think I’ve accomplished that.

I’ve chosen to self-publish this novella because I liked the way I was in control the entire time. The only thing I will always need another set of eyes for is the proofing and editing. (I have a tendency to over-describe) and a line-editor–David Gilmore is a very good one–is there to tighten-up my work where needed without changing anything in voice or style.

Another thing the indie author needs, an editor one can trust. And if you’re not able to do your own cover-art, you’ll have to hire someone to create a cover too. I very much enjoy creating my own cover and think I have done a good job on the cover for Bound.

This brings me to the conclusion of this ramble on how a story sees the light. It can be anybody and everything, but most of all the power of the imagination of the writer.





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Thank you Lucy for giving up your time to visit my blog today I wish you success in all your endeavours.

~ by adelesymonds on February 22, 2013.

2 Responses to “New Release – Bound by Lucy Pireel – Guest post, excerpt and author spotlight.”

  1. Hi Adele! Thanks for this shout out and great post on your blog. I’ll be sharing this all over and tell all about how great a blogger and friend you are. 🙂

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