Guest Post by L S Fayne plus details of her new release



Today I welcome L S Fayne to my blog.  A little later I will sharing details of her newest release but Linda has first of all agreed to do a guest post for us.  So welcome Linda and thank you.

Guest Post






I along with many, many others am dyslexic. What does this mean? It means we twist and turn written things all around. For me, it isn’t apparent unless I’m tired or distracted. Unlike most people, I believe I know why I am this way.


I believe it is because I was born to be left-handed, but the right was forced on me when I started grabbing things incorrectly. I’m not positive on this, because I have no one to ask. I was a malleable child and desperately wanted to please my parents. I’m not sure they would have actually noticed if I was left-handed anyway. I’m pretty sure I was only born so my mother could complete the perfect picture of the white picket fence. You know the picture? The perfect house, one boy, one girl with the white picket fence, maybe add a dog.


My grade school years was during the time when children were not allowed to write with their left hands! I remember other’s struggling to convert to the right. I didn’t struggle per say, but I do remember not getting the best grades with alphabet writing, and of all things, coloring. I couldn’t seem to stay within the lines. Later thinking back, I thought the coloring problem was because I was angry at having to do it. I was not malleable in school. It seemed that they asked us to do a bunch of dumb things. They never explained why we were doing any of it. After all, we were only children.


I’m not dyslexic with a computer keyboard, Thank God! When I was a small child, really too small to remember much, I used to play on our friend’s piano. They never ran me off so I must have done okay. I remember figuring out the octaves. I can’t remember what tunes I played. That would have been awesome! My parents bought me a small keyboard that same year. Not because they loved my. It just fit into that picture.


Learning piano allowed me to work both hands. Once you memorize the layout of a piano or keyboard, you do not think of your fingers. It’s as if they have little brains of their own. If you do, you will be slow and clumsy. You have to relax and let your fingers do what they need to do.


I realized the left-handed thing when I was painting my nails. I was as good, or not so good, at painting my right nails as my left. I was fascinated that I may have been born left-handed. Left handed people had always fascinated me. They seem to think differently.


As I painted my nails more often, I got better with both hands. So wow, okay, let’s be ambidextrous! Not so easy. Remember in the first grade when they made you write that same “a”, that same “s”, over and over again for days, maybe weeks on end? They were building the writing muscles in the hand. If I had the patience to do that now, maybe I could be a dual handed writer. Now, I would scream, if I had to do all those first grade assignments over again.


What does this have to do with being dyslexic? I asked around, and found that many dyslexic people were forced to change their primary hand while growing up. Earlier years, people were not so politically polite. If you struggled with writing kids called you stupid or worse. The adults would label you as slow or retarded. I hid my awkwardness as much as I could. I was lucky. As I stated earlier, my dyslexia only shows up when I’m tired.


When the term dyslexic came into being. It was a bucket everyone seemed to want to jump into. I didn’t jump. Hiding had become a habit. I would rather not do an assignment, then to hand in such a mess. I could usually make it up later. It really, really irked me though when I would be getting an “A” in a class, and then blow it with the final exam ending up with a “C” for the term. I always wondered if the teacher thought I had cheated. This happened with, of all the classes, Creative Writing. Both in High School and in College.


When the computer age set in, I was freed! I can type almost as fast as I can talk. No more ugly papers! No more fatigue messes. I can write until my arms feel like they are falling off! Yes! In some college classes, people can now use laptops during the final exam.


If only… oh well. We learn as we walk.


Now onto the book details.

Crown cover_ even less mem


Mad Queens and Dying Kings; Book description


Just who are the Raven?


Raven Investigations, a Search and Reactive agency who delve into normal and paranormal activities. They are very, very good at what they do, but sometimes, they keep what they find.


Karissa is a young child whose mother died in a car accident. She never knew her father. She ran away from her foster family after realizing that they couldn’t understand her special needs. On a library computer, she sent out a S.O.S. Erran, of Raven Investigations, answered that call. They decided to keep her. Karissa’s gift with computers surpassed all the known laws of physics. Soon, the question had to be asked. Who is Karissa? Where did she come from?


As a baby, Beatrice Broadwick was injected with 94QPO. A drug used in the mid 1950’s for DNA mutation research. The baby, Beatrice, had been excused from the experimentation after she had been compromised by foreign DNA. Upon entering puberty, the other subjects died horribly from all manner of diseases. The project was shamed by the scientific community, and the data buried deep within government bureaucracy.


Upon reaching menopause, Beatrice Broadwick’s body suddenly started to change. She was at first diagnosed with fibromyalgia. When the mutations started, the doctors arrived. Against her will, she was moved into their facility.


Raven Investigations was contracted to find Broadwick, and to take her home. They rescued her from torturous conditions and near death. She was sent straight to the O’Byrne healers.


To her, Beatrice was dead. She became Ava, a new creature. The Raven decided to keep her, too

The eBooks are out through Kindle and Smashwords. The print book is in the proofing stage.


About L. S. Fayne


Linda loves to write fantasy, magical adventure. She’s been publishing her own stories since 2008. She lives with her husband in Oregon, U.S.A. They been together for over 31 years. She has six cats, all of them rescues. “They find me,” she says. “One in particular must listen to my brain while I’m writing. He likes to hang out by her head.”


She’s looking forward to writing and publishing many more stories!


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