An important week at Good Hope

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Not a piece of fiction from Gill in Tanzania this week, but snippet into the real life of the kids of Good Hope.


Hello my friends.

The fiction entries of the past few weeks have taken me by surprise and the momentum has continued with this week finding me pen another story for these humble pages and yet this story, this week’s fictional piece has clamoured its way into my heart and cries out for further attention and possible competition entry. My apologies my friends, I am sure Rama’s story will find its way here one day, but not on this day.

Rama’s story is the tale of every child I meet at Good Hope. It is the tale of a kid who lives in poverty with family issues and difficulties of some sort or another. It is the tale of his desire to remain at school and succeed, it is the tale of a kids eagerness to learn and be taught in a system that makes that desire nigh impossible for all…

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Beautiful Blogger Award

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I would like to thank ajoobacats for nominating me for The Beautiful Blogger Award. This is only the second award I have ever been nominated for.


The Rules
Link to the blogger who took the time to nominate you. List seven random things about yourself. Nominate seven creative, beautiful bloggers. Notify the amazing people that you nominated for the award.

Seven Random Things About Me
I love Cheese, Onion and Salad Cream sandwiches

I have just begun learning German

I am considerably disabled but don’t let it hold me back.

I like editing other people’s books

I have four beautiful children

I hardly watch any television

I would like to be able to do more for others.

My Seven Nominees

Thomas Duder

Trias Talk

Maria Kinnersley

Melina Turner

K D Russell 

Please visit all these blogs and see which ones you would like to follow regularly. There is a mixture of tastes and variety here.

See you all again soon, more posts will continue to follow of any blog posts I find which I feel will appeal to my readers.


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Another story based on fact by Gill Sainsbury. Both beautiful and painful, emotional as always. Fear when alone in the dark is more extreme than fear in daylight with friends.


Hello my friends,

The past month has seen these pages exposed to my dream: my writing. I didn’t plan this for my blog but then I rarely plan anything blogwise. Sorry, unprofessional I know but this is my safe haven each week, to rant and celebrate, remember and honour, to … well whatever I fancy. I have received some very positive and complimentary comments regarding the story telling of the past month and so the trend is continuing. For how long? Who knows?

Fictionalised fact again this week, enjoy.

Night dreams


The shivering racked her body, every muscle jived in tune to the fever. She thrashed from side to side, her forehead hot and clammy despite her body’s cold. The bed was suddenly enormous and she was sinking deep into its heart. It would swallow her whole, swaddled in every sheet, blanket and coverlet she had found in…

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Motivation – How do you succeed?

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Motivation – How do you succeed?.

Here’s this weeks link for Matt Harrill’s blog where he talks about motivation to succeed. Keep following along with me.

Current Events – Inspiration for your story

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Current Events – Inspiration for your story.

Please click on this link to read a very interesting blog post


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A fictional story but true in every aspect of its possibilities where the writer is based in Tanzania.


Come cry with me.

We could have a crying chain around the world, individuals who feel shock, horror and a sense of hopelessness that such things can and do happen.

Another dose of my fictionalising of the facts I find so hard to accept


“Parents very poor, she not do well at school, she HIV positive and problem with skin. Legs have rash, very bad, she no run or walk far. Very bad, parents no send her to school anymore. No money. We should help.” The Mama’s broken English somehow emphasised the pitiful plight of the small, sad child sucking on the sleeve of her sweater and twisting side to side nervously as she watched the other kids play.

DSCN0809 School Classroom

The January enrolment programme at Good Hope was underway. Good Hope provides a place for kids to be when they are no longer accepted into…

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MY WORLD – A crisis of conscience

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An excellent short story, take the message to heart.


2:57am EAT Soweto, Moshi, Tanzania

The sheet snagged spitefully at her feet, having writhed snakelike around her ankles, trapping them. She cussed like a trooper into the darkness as she kicked and thrashed to release them from their confines and finally, triumphant, she swung her legs out onto the marble tiled floor. Her hand groped for the phone, her fingers maliciously finding the on button in the dark, the cussing continued and as the phone lit up it cast an eerie orb of light around her and the air was truly blue.

“Three o’ bloody clock. Can’t even make it to the 4am witching hour. Jeez.”  The orb of light diminished and the darkness laughed at her, triumphant.

Release us, help us, don’t abandon us like this.

The voices continued, clear and haunting, their identities as blatant as the tone of accusation.

“Jeez. 3am! I don’t do this! I always…

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Volunteer and help change lives

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Could you be a volunteer like Gill?


Volunteers needed. Love of fun a must!

Volunteering is an awesome experience and the personal development rewards are life changing. Good Hope is driven by volunteers and we want to source more of you.

We need to spread the word and sow the seed of the idea in people’s minds. Please pass this link onto anyone that you know that may be interested. Or anyone that may know someone that could be interested. Gap year travel for the young and the not so young! Professionals seeking to enhance their CV with the valuable badge of honour volunteer work awards. Students, retired people,  teachers, office workers, anyone with a big heart and an interest in making a difference in individual kid’s lives.


Tanzania is a peaceful, stable and beautiful country, anyone with a love of travel should visit here at least once in their lives. Mount Kilimanjaro is…

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I live in the land of slowly slowly

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A great start for Gill in 2015, a year of hopes and dreams at Good Hope in Tanzania. Follow the story here every month.


Wow I am truly immersed in the culture of Tanzania.

pole pole

It is January 12th before I approach my first blog post of 2015. Slowly slowly does it! Life here lives by the pole pole rule! However, in my defence it has been the craziest, busiest and most rewarding first twelve days of a new year that I can remember. I had jotted notes that form the base of this blog post and way at the top underneath 1st Blog 2015 are scribbled the words where do I begin? Where indeed.

I sat one on my terrace one evening smeared with repellent, defiant of the sunset mossies and biting things that so love my flesh, a cold beer by my side and my annual ritual laid out before me. The transposing of important dates from last years calendar to this years. As I smiled lovingly at the annual gift from a very…

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I live in the land of slowly slowly

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I live in the land of slowly slowly.

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